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It's not easy being green

November 10th, 2006

psychic--I mean psycho @ 12:29 pm

Hi all,
This morning when I got up I felt nauseated, dizzy, achey and clammy. I had some eggs to see if that would settle my stomach. As I was doing my morning chores I felt like "how am I going to get th rough the day feeling like this?" I was standing in the closet picking out my clothes when I wondered if I could call in sick. I talked to my family about it and they said sure go ahead. Have you ever known you're supposed to do something like exercise but you're too tired or just not motivated? Then the radio won't work to play your songs, you can't find your workout clothes and the phone keeps ringing. Your family or friends say don't worry about doing it today--it's ok to miss 1 day-- and in the face of everything else, it's hard to make yourself exercise after all. Well that's what it felt like with me going to  work. Already I didn't feel well, knew I had to work earlier and longer tomorrow, didn't feel like driving 30 min. into work and then standing for 90 min. feeling like I did, and couldn't imagine the waistband of my pants sitting on my nauseated and bloated stomach. When they said call in sick I just caved--I didn't have the strength to make myself do the right thing. So I took some drugs and went back to bed and slept until 10:30. Haven't done that in a while. Well now I feel better. But I also feel guilty b/c if I had gone in I might have felt bad for a short period of time but then felt better. So now I've missed a day's pay and had someone cover for me who barely has time to do all his own work. Was it the extra rest that helped? Would I really have felt better or would I have gotten there and felt bad all through the first class and not been fun or made the class interesting? It weighs on my conscience. I love my job and have never felt the need to call in sick b/c I didn't want to be there. In 5 years I have maybe called in sick about 4 or 5 times--only once a year when I've had bad sinus infections. So now I either have to mope around the house for the rest of the day--not exercise or go to the grocery store, or I can do those things and admit I might have been able to go in and therefore made a mistake staying home. THE GUILT!!!


October 16th, 2006

good stuff @ 09:34 pm

Well, I've lost enough weight that I can fit into some cute red courdory pants I haven't worn since 2 Christmases ago. They're not falling off of me but they're size 10 and I don't have love handles! I've lost about 20 pounds since my birthday at the beginning of August when I looked dreadful. Also, some good news about bad habits: today crazy things happened when I got home so I was going to binge on whie rice, pumpkin soup and seeds, chocolate, pudding, etc for the rest of the night and blow off exercise. Luckily, I found the courage to stop eating after what turned out to be a small healthy snack and the strength to go exercise for 45 minutes. So things are going well with the diet and exercise program, I just wish I had enough $ to buy more clotehs. Half the fun of losing all that weight is to go buy new clothes that you look good in. Except for the red pants, all my other pants are falling off of me and no longer look good on me.


October 4th, 2006

I was nudged @ 05:06 pm

Sorry I haven'twritten for a while. I've been under the weather and I'm irritated b/c I'm afraid of losing my "edge" from PT and cardio and good dieting. Having a cold has made me lethargic so I eat b/c I feel like it will give me strength but it's probably eating too much and then I can't exercise.
I had an interview a couple of weeks ago for DHEC in Columbia but haven't heard back from them yet.
Well, that's all for now. Y'all take care.

September 12th, 2006

(no subject) @ 12:39 pm

Hi guys. Haven't posted for a while b/c I got tired of fighting for the computer (Dad's on it almost 24/7). But I have some great news and had to post. I just got back from PT--this is the start of a new month's worth of PT. They did a body fat test and I show significant improvement. I was at 28% body fat 4 weeks ago, now I 'm at 24% body fat. I've lost about 1% of fat per week! I can fit into clothes I couldn't even button 3 weeks ago and now there's not even love handles! I weighed about 166 at the first body weight test, now I'm 159 (just lost that extra pound this morning--I had been at 160 for a couple of weeks so it isn't just water weight after so long, it's real weight loss). I was at "average" status at the first test, now I'm at "atheltic". Guess "lean" is next? I'm supposed to be around (at or below) 20% body fat so I still have about half way to go and they said it might get harder now but I'm gonna try my best. It would be so nice to go into Thanksgiving and Christmas without feeling and looking like the stuffed turkey.

September 1st, 2006

(no subject) @ 05:18 pm

I've been doing so well with PT. I've been doing about an hour to an hour and a half of exercise everyday for the past 3 weeks. I've finally noticed a difference in arms, legs; I'm losing inches, etc. Today I had a mini-meltdown: my back has been hurting so bad all the time from pushing so hard and I've been having acid reflux which makes me feel slightly nauseous all the time. Well, my body (and mind) just couldn't handle doing a full hour of cardio today--I only did 30 min. I feel disappointed in myself for not getting in the nice 5 hours of workout this week, 4 1/2 hours doesn't sound so impressive and it's not my lucky number (I know I'm totally anal). Weight Watchers-wise 4 extra points is not going to make that much of a difference but I felt bad that I couldn't finish the workout. I guess I'm pushing to catch up to Emily and to have people notice a difference by the time I go back to work. 
I'm having banana pudding tonight. Normally I'd wait until tomorrow to have my eat-whatever-day but this is the only thing I'll do "bad" today so I think it's ok, plus I need the hit of dopmamine.

August 22nd, 2006

PT @ 12:33 pm

cheerios w/ skim milk
1/2 serving of cottage cheese
2 egg whites


My PT person said I have 28% body fat and need to be below 20%.  They said my food intake was good but to have carbs and protein at every meal (I had skipped the carbs at some meals). I think I'll keep tabs of servings and calories by doing Weight Watchers again (but no cheating this time). Also, my goal has been to do PT twice a week and cardio 5 times a week (while I'm off work). On PT days my goal is to do 30 min. (or more, they said--we'll see) of cardio and on non-PT days doing an hour of cardio. The fact that I will also probably be doing yard work on non-PT days might make it hard to do a full hour of cardio and be able to move the next day b/c yard work always makes my back hurt but I'll just do my best. Also she said that on the weekend I can reward myself. That doesn't mean bing but she said I could have chocolate cake if I wanted--that my body has to remember how to burn that kind of thing.


August 21st, 2006

(no subject) @ 05:56 pm

Hi all,
Would anyone have a problem with us posting food journals on LJ instead of fitclub? Fitclub is nice but Emily and I are the only ones (I think) that use it and more people would see and hold us accountable (which is the point) if we put food journals on LJ. 
Today I did yard work -- weeded, mowed and cut limbs off trees. Hit myself in the head with the limbs and jabbed myself in the leg and foot with the  tool that I was using to cut them down with. So I have this big charlie horse on my calf and a swollen spot on my foot. I love gardening but with the poison ivy, backaches, injuries and heat exhaustion it can be killer!


August 11th, 2006

death by ice cream @ 08:42 pm

I had some ice cream I had made and I can't finish it! It's so rich and gooey it's almost sickening. Mom and Dad said it's as good as Brewster's but I can finish 2 scoops of Brewster's without screaming every few minutes <twitch, gack!> I think I might just become diabetic over that. It was chocolate toffee crunch.

(no subject) @ 11:09 am

I'm a Mercedes SLK!

You appreciate the finer things in life.  You have a split personality - wild or conservative, depending on your mood.  Wherever you go, you like to travel first class.  Luxury, style, and fun - who could ask for more?

August 6th, 2006

birthday parties @ 12:53 pm

I'm so glad to have some friends on the board. I look forward to getting to know you better!
I posted on Emily's thread about last year's birthday disappointments. Well I wasn't expecting much this year so I was totally surprised at what happened. I got birthday wishes from so many people and a surprise birthday party at work. (P.S. I work at Roper Mountain Science Center teaching elementary school kids about life and physical sciences; specifically this week I've been teaching a rainforest class.) When I walked into work on Fri. I was running late so I wasn't paying a lot of attention but when I got to the dry erase board there ws a message that said "Happy Birthday Amanda" and the staff had all signed it. I don't know how I missed it but after I saw the message on the board I saw this giant helium balloon in the shape of a poison dart frog (we had studied them that work during our rainforest camp). That was a really nice beginning and I thought how sweet that was and thought that was it. But when we had finished an activity in the rainforest and were sitting in the campfire circle my assistant gave me a card that the whole class had signed. That's cool b/c this has been my favorite class all summer--kids well behaved and fun. Well, we came in from the rainforest (it's just an indoor greenhouse w/rainforest plants) and had snack time and a staff member I really enjoy came in w/ her class and said they had to tell me something. They've been in and out of our classroom all week (which was fine) b/c they were taking an animal care class and working w/ some of the animals in our room and I thought they were going to tell me they needed the room for a few minutes or something like that. Instead they started singing "Happy Birthday"! My assistant pulled out a plate of cupcakes (another surprise) and we all sat for a few minutes muching frosting (mmmmm). It was such a surprise and so sweet. 
On Sat. my family and I went to Hendersonville, NC to go antiquing, get chocolate and enjoy the drive. I got great presents including some really nice jewelry, plant containers and plants (yea!) and some music including a set of cd's Emily made for me that I'm excited about listening to. My neighbor came over to give me the plant and stayed for cake so we had a mini-party. I've gotten lots of cards and really feel that the celebrations this year made up for a lack of celebrations last year. I feel bad Emily didn't get as many birthday wishes as I did but I know she's happy and grateful for those she did get and happier about this year than last year. Out of all the celebrations though, I'm happiest about the time with my family.